The Universe: DynastyTheGoddess (Houston, Texas) Responds To Cthree Diss To Rap Group S.O.S


The Universe Responds To Cthree Diss To Rap Group ‘SOS’ – And Gives Their Thought On A Possible Response.

“Well me personally I would stand up for myself because what I do is more than just music to me, its my everyday life, it is my life, its what keeps me sane and keep me up when I’m down, so my response to that would really determine on how I’m feeling at the time when I read it. I could either blast him out on a song and go head to head with him if he really thinks my music is trash, and we will see who will be the last one standing to the mic, or I can just ignore it because not everyone will like your music and apparently by him taking his time to listen to my music, he must like something about it which would just make him another hater added to the list, and haters are one of my biggest fans because they only get you noticed and help you reach your goals because they’re so busy worrying about what the next man doing than worrying about what they should be doing. That’s just how I would go about it, there’s no need to take it to the streets because doing that would only mean you must not be to confident in yourself as well so I rather show and approve.”

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