Unstoppable: Within A Year, Carrie Madeline Has Broke Internet Hollywood Headlines 17 Times!

carrie madelineModel Carrie Madeline is on the verge of becoming the #1 model in Internet Hollywood! After digging a little deep into the past we’ve discovered that the ProjectXPlatinum superstar has made front page headlines 17 times in the past year! The huge amount of effort put into the work Carrie Madeline has done is being recognized for all the right reasons. She was the first model to take the face of Internet Hollywood’s first magazine issue back in December. Although some disapprove of Carrie’s strong presence in our universe, she continues to prove her name is as strong as the brand she’s expanding. The young entrepreneur was ranked the tenth biggest model in Internet Hollywood a few months after she officially debuted back in July. She was also the second female actress Prince Vega has selected to play in an independent film that is now put on hold due to his busy schedule. Carrie Madeline was selected to play a leading role as a character by the name of Olivia King, who is the best friend of another super model, Naomi Scarlette. previous articles stated that Naomi was to be played by ProjectXPlatinum co-founder Isabel Vinson. The old plot describes Carrie’s character as a member of an elite circle of super models that forms a pack to secretly keep the spotlight away from newer models. The fire erupts between the circle when Olivia and the other models plots to kill Naomi when Naomi starts to have a change of heart in how things were being ran in the modeling industry. We later found out that the idea of the film was scrapped and a new one is being worked on. Prince Vega has chosen to work on a family drama plot that’s a bit similar to the television series ‘The Fosters’. The music artist will also be leaving an open role for model Carrie Madeline if she decides to take on the role that will be offered. These are only a few opportunities that Carrie has came across being an Internet Hollywood celebrity. The more she continues the grow the more doors will begin to open for the amazing model. Will Carrie Madeline be ranked #1 model of Internet Hollywood in May? We’ll have to wait and see!

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