Upcoming Connecticut Rapper LogiKIL Lyrically Destroys BET ‘Hot 16’ Contest


This lyrical monster is crushing open sprite cans with a vicious flow along with it. Upcoming Connecticut artist heart is put in each bar delivered while connecting each line to make his power verse a huge impact. The hype behind the recognition is lifting slowly but none can escape the storm cased by the wind his lyrical force carries. After coming across LogiKIL extremely complex rhyme style it was pretty hard to shake it off. LogiKIL is a very aggressive lyricist with an energetic vibe that brings alive the MC that hip hop is missing.  Check out LogiKIL explosive lyrics out below!


Never call another rapper dope
battle mode with grapple toe to toe with an adams apple pull
tactical everything is do is planned the T like the fashion clothes
back when the double X shirts and the baggy jeans matched every hat you owned
laughable is everything that these rappers say
bacon the game in morning since the day Nas said it passed away
trap for pay gotta stack to play cuz I’m aggravated and packed with rage
cuz half the fakers from the back in are making it time to clap away
and welcome in a different sound
bring the drama turn a gangsta grill into a kiddish frown
I’m too Pac all these women know I get around
they see me on they TV making all they favorite spitters bow
forget a crown I don’t need it you can keep the throne
I’m satisfied with knowing you’re scared of getting ya speakers blown
no need be with me I’m crazy peaceful when I am alone
I’ll front these bars on up consignment get it son I am a loan
stand alone a one man wrecking crew with one hand
turn a crew of 50 into massacres ya done here
saber with a blue-tooth they ever try to come-pair
Lord you better call a reverend father like Run’s fam
animal I’m on that bull and all i see is red
attacking hearts for rapping charts my cardiac don’t need a rest
Stab the frequencies until the beat is dead
Jordan’s nikes and maxes beating on your skull kid now you a sneaker head
a shot like this can turn me into a different man
so imma black out like Donald Sterling’s instagram
pardon the humor but I gotta kill it cuz I’ve been a fan
of music all my life and as of late it’s hard to listen fam
so tell who’s to blame is it rappers going soft?
or does the business of the music just control us all?
yo Drama do me a favor before my shift stops
tell Sprite that I’ll quench the thirst for hip hop!

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