Upcoming Model Keyanna Banks Officially Debuts In Internet Hollywood As Our Youngest Celebrity

keyanna2Prince Vega – Another star is born in our digital universe and she’s the youngest one yet. Upcoming model Keyanna Banks will soon rank among the greats as she creates her path to begin her model journey in our digital world of wonders. The model is one of the few to be selected to represent our newly structured brand on the brink of a brand new season with so much to gain ahead.


With a lot to lose from the decisions she chooses – we hope Keyanna maintains the positive mind state that lead her to be one of our superstars during one of the most intense top model battles in Internet Hollywood’s history. She has an absolutely sweet personality that’ll bring the world closer to her in a loving way that’ll help her expand her brand on a scale many new models fail to reach.


What Can We Expect?


That question remains unanswered at this moment, but judging by her way of perceiving things we feel she’ll do just fine. She has already put in a huge amount of work to expand her following on her social media fan page among people she knows ~ quickly gaining over 50 followers shortly after the creation of her page.


I’m sure we all can agree on the fact that there is a lot to learn from the model. During a brief conversation she explained how her interest in modeling came after watching America’s Top Model with Tyra Banks. 

“Well ever since I was little I was always a watching the show America’s next top model with Tyra Banks,” she said. “Ever since then I use to go to my grandmas house walk in her heels and practice going up & down the stairs and started putting on makeup. Since then I new this is something I would love to do. Also I love taking pictures. I would literally sit in my bathroom for hours in till I got my picture I liked. ???? its really been my dream!”

Keyanna also expressed a more deeper view in how she feels towards others. She said she would like to inspire others while trying to accomplish her goal to be as big as Tyra Banks.


“I want to inspire lots of females to go after there dreams,” she said. “Cause a lot of people tell me on a daily that I should model & I’ll be great for it. But its all about staying positive & having patience. Everything will fall in place soon one day I hope to be as big as Tyra Banks.”


Quite the vision huh? Only time will tell just how far this beautiful young new model will go during her journey to the top. The model was recruited into Internet Hollywood after being recommended by one our newest stars Rubia Banks. The both was given the twin name because they both were born stars on Internet Hollywood on the same exact day. Check out Keyanna’s new Facebook by clicking the highlighted link below


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