Upcoming Model Miss Trex Reflects On The Past – And Shares Her First Crush Story

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Imagining life before growing seams to be exciting for some the more we get older. Some people tend to drift off in their thoughts and talk out loud about things they we’re going through growing up. One of the most exciting would be explaining the experience in dealing with a first crush. After a while we would laugh off the most embarrassing times and even joke about how much of a fool we were to go that extent to impress someone. Some people are so heavily impacted by it emotionally that they physically or mentally abuse themselves to the point they don’t recover from it. They may develop trust issues, depression, anxiety and refuse to get involved with someone intimately because of it. Internet Hollywood recently caught with our adorable new ProjectXPlatinum Model Miss Trex to get her past story on her very first crush!

 “My first real major crush was my best friend in Elementary school,” she admitted. “It didn’t start off as a crush though! I went to school with him since pre-school and continued until we graduated high school. When we were little I was a major tom boy and played all the sports with the guys. I played on a guys team for hockey in a league for years so pick up with the guys was nothing. Years went on and in grade 4 i found myself crushing hard for my best friend. HOW DO YOU TELL THAT TO SOMEONE!? Especially being that young and shy. I was always with him playing hockey, watching him “date girls” which was kind of a joke in grade 4 when i look back at it. And always got jealous, the older we got the harder it was to hide it. I was always on his teams for sports, always sat with each other, shared a locker.”

Miss Trex also went on to describe the boiling point we all meet when the cat is finally out the bag and everyone knows about it. She also didn’t bother to share what followed on later after the chips were down for the very first time.

“I remember after he got smashed in the face during gym class I was the one who brought all his stuff over… obviously i was the as grade 8 when i had an argument with another girl over him and I sharing a locker and she blurted that everyone knew i was like in love with him except him. Needless to say he was right there. After grade 8 we kind of stopped talking, I guess it scared him off. I got over it, obviously as I found the man of my dreams Matt Kroeker, and haven’t talked to my elementary school crush every since!”

Miss Trex continues to make her presence known by carrying on her dreams as a model in the social realm. Her amazing efforts has helped her generate a following of over a thousand on her fan page. She continues to work her way through challenges by dedicating herself to her dreams and she remains determined. Emily has captured the attention of Prince Vega through another models page after Prince Vega seen photos of her tagged inside of the picture. Miss Trex is one of the latest members of our growing universe that we hope to see debut on our top billboard charts in the future!

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