Upcoming Pop/R&B Superstar Carolina Defeats The Odds – Takes #Winning Selfie Photo

carolina singingPop/R&B sensation Carolina is finding herself in a new spot now that Internet Hollywood’s top model battle is underway. One of our representatives recently discovered a published selfie by the stunning celebrity on her Facebook page a few days ago, so we decided to share. The singer didn’t mind sharing her beautiful face to the world. It isn’t hard to find pictures of the singer showing off the undeniably gorgeous face she was born with on her social media pages. Without a doubt, she is by far one of the cutest girls you’d ever find browsing across a web page on Facebook. Her excitement is empowering in every shape or form, no matter who disagrees with it. Listening to Carolina’s voice when she sings is uplifting to any emotion trapped in the darkness. Her warm voice possesses a godly sound that would touch the hearts of millions whenever she receives that perfect shot. It won’t be hard to notice how golden Carolina will soon appear to our Internet Hollywood universe. She’s also friends with another established model in Internet Hollywood by the name of Keri Marie. Keri Marie is a known ProjectXPlatinum member that was also chosen to star in one of Prince Vega’s independent films that is expected to go into production sometime next year. Carolina isn’t someone we should say is too far behind. She was voted into Internet Hollywood after 10 of our private committee members seen a few videos she posted on Facebook of herself singing. The committee was made aware of Carolina’s talent after Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega submitted her videos in for review. Her incredible skill will easily help her gain a big enough following to secure the model a key position in Internet Hollywood’s ‘top celebrity’ billboard charts in months to come! This is Carolina’s second time making front page news in Internet Hollywood!

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