Upcoming singer Rae Allison sounds so beautiful covering Justin Bieber’s song “Love Yourself”

New Sensations – One talented singer from Wethersfield, Connecticut has a beautiful cover to Justin Bieber’s song “Love Yourself” and we are just finding out about it. The song was released about a year ago, but it sounds just as new every time we press play. LOL. I found out about the song in a phone conversation we were having a couple of weeks ago. She told me she was a singer and I didn’t believe it even when her voice had a mellow sound to it that flowed smoothly. She told me to search up her video on Youtube and check her out. What I heard when I did was shocking.


Allison has a pretty relaxing voice that will ease your mind if you allow it to. The melodies that stretch the words in her sound are perfectly delivered in each sentence that connects the flow of well pronounced words. I channeled her beautiful voice with a blank mind that painted the imagination she described in her wonderful cover. I couldn’t believe it was one her first songs published online.


When I told Allison how good she was I believe it motivated her in a sense. She was really overwhelmed when I told her the possibilities of me booking her for one of Internet Hollywood shows for the future. As soon as that happens we will let you know.


I came across Rae Allison’s page on the “People You May Know” section on Facebook. Believe it or not, I’m probably on there more than I’m on Instagram. It is still a very effective tool to build a strong following that could easily be become apart of your following on other social media outlets. I honestly thought she was a model when I first messaged her. It’s nice to know that she has a talent that we could learn about. She is really awesome!


You could check out Rae Allison’s “Love Yourself” cover below!

Twitter: RaeAlisonMusic

SoundCloud: Click Here

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