Vagabond Image took a wonderful picture of model Duchess Jealoquinn’s beautiful smile at the Internet Hollywood party!


Internet Hollywood Party – Vagabond Image took a wonderful picture of Duchess Jealoquinn’s smile at the last Internet Hollywood party in August and it was beautiful. I only received one picture from Roy that shows a shot side of the beautiful independent model sharing a smile with someone I believe she’s having a conversation with. Jealoquinn was a magnetic force that drawn the smiles out of every one person that was in attendance. She was incredibly sweet, funny, supportive of others and very camera-friendly. She was in many of the photos that were taken on that evening.


Jealoquin’s appearance was no surprise to our daily readers that keep tabs on all the stories being published on our website. Jealoquinn was featured on Internet Hollywood four times this year, two being before the party in August. The model left feedback on Vermont model Hayley Cartwright’s photo shoot with Eric Wallis and she was also interviewed by me 5 days before the party.


Meeting her for the first time gave me a pretty amazing feeling because of how supportive she has been to Internet Hollywood since our first message online. She’s a very understanding person that has publicly expressed her support for others while pushing herself the best way she can to better doors for herself in the future. I look forward to offering my support and pushing her until she reaches that level.


The next Internet Hollywood event will be a fashion show/party that will also include live performances.  That event has been rescheduled to April.



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