Valya Romanova shares new photos from her photoshoot in Costa Rica, talks IBMS and making the front cover of Maxim

Photo by Cameron Doane

Internet Hollywood News – Model Valya Romanova just gave Internet Hollywood samples from her many photo shoots in Costa Rica and they are scorching hot!! I received the photos during our discussion about her recent visit to the beautiful Central American country and got more than enough details to write up a small story about the rising Florida star. She has been doing an amazing job expanding her career in the last few years and I was honored to be granted the time to pitch some of the few questions I had.


Romanova has been through one helluva ride on her career journey and simple research will give you an idea of how that ride was. She has received over 40 publications in the last four years and one of them were from none other than yours truly. With her kind of drive it is easy to predict that her publications will only increase through the rest of the years. She is very skilled at what she does and no one could deny that.


Now that you got a piece of the inspiration that drove me to write about her I would love to share the small interview and some of the photos she sent me from Costa Rica to share with all of you. Enjoy! 🙂


Internet Hollywood: Hey Valya! I hope you are enjoying your Memorial Day weekend with your family. I honestly have to say interviewing you is pretty exciting after following some of your latest accomplishments online. You were recently in Costa Rica. How was it out there?
“Costa Rica was absolutely breathtaking. It is definitely one of the greenest and the most beautiful countries I ever visited. The people of Costa Rica are very welcoming and accommodating. We probably had the best service I experienced at my resort. The trip was with The International Bikini Model Search. And it was filled with exciting shoots, excursion and fun parties. I had a time of my life! The work produced at the event is outstanding. Here is just a small sample of what we shot. More awesome photos to come in the near future.” 
Photo by Marufs Photography (
Photo by Marufs Photography (


(see more photos below the story)
Internet Hollywood: Wow It looks like you had a blast! So what actually happens at The International Bikini Model Search? How would you describe the vibe of being around others that attended?
“There are several events through the year in the US , and the semiannual glamour conventions that take place internationally. I have been doing the International event for 3 years now and I have a blast each time. The event is 7 days and includes events such as the beauty contest, costume party, pool party, seminars and excursions. The rest of the time is open for networking and photoshoots that you schedule yourself. This trip I packed my schedule with 7-12 shoots a day. I always try to work with as many photographers as I can regardless of their level of experience or recognition. After the event the photos are submitted to various National and international publications including Vanquish, Playboy and Maxim. My first year I ended up with two covers. Last year I made it to 3 covers and I am looking forward to see what will happen with the photos from this event.”
Internet Hollywood: Now that sounds really good. What would you say is your biggest magazine accomplishment in your career and what was the feeling like seeing yourself in it?
“Maxim Cover last March. It felt like a dream. It makes me think that if I was able to accomplish that I can do anything.”
As much as I wanted to continue our interview it was cut short. Although I managed to get enough to write up a story, I feel there is so much more to learn about Valya Romanova that it will take far more than one story to cover it all. I look forward to fulfilling those missing pieces sometime in the future.
Here are some more of the pictures from her photo shoots with some amazing photographers in Costa Rica.
Photo by @kara_rountree_photography  | Makeup Jessica Tullas Mua | Hair: Amy Hotaling | Bikini: @pascaleswim



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