Vaughka invites rap artist Blockboyy Gotti to Internet Hollywood Radio to be interviewed on July 26th!

IH Radio – Connecticut rap artist Blockboyy Gotti is one of the first musicians to receive an invite to be interviewed by Vaughka on Internet Hollywood Radio that is set to air on July 26th. The music artist has been a person of interest for a while and was one of the latest acts to perform at our last Internet Hollywood Party in November 2019. After making his appearance with his entourage he took his music path to a new trail and decided to include footage from his performance at the party in his ‘Own Sh*t’ music video. The song was streamed on Internet Hollywood Radio and has been seen on Internet Hollywood platforms multiple times in the past.


Blockboyy Gotti is currently an artist with two songs that is in circulation on Internet Hollywood Radio and his latest song ‘For The Gang’ will be a new one to add to the collection. The interview is set to be a call in interview that will be previously recorded before the show to ensure our new programs don’t bull some bs during the broadcast. The radio show will air on July 26th and then each show after will be the following Sunday. It is said that Thursday will also include panel discussion about news on We will keep you posted!

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