Vaughka is interested in having JANABY be fashion designers at the IH Fashion Show 2020!

IH Fashion Show – Although it is not confirmed that a Internet Hollywood Fashion Show is in the work due to current pandemic, Vaughka is certain that one of the people he would’ve reached out to is an excellent pair of fashion designers named Janaby. For those that don’t know, Malva Janaby was one of the first fashion designers to appear at an Internet Hollywood party. This party took place in Worcester, Massachusetts on April 22, 2017 at The Raven Club and the event was a powerful networking one for many people that attended and wanted to build and and hang out. Since then, Malva has always showed his support to Internet Hollywood and has been published on multiple times since his first appearance. The entire Janaby team made an appearance at Internet Hollywood’s last event in South Windsor, Connecticut in November 2019. They ignited the party with a positive light and helped set the mood for everyone that enjoyed the night.


Vaughka expressed his interest in reaching out to Janaby and a few other designers if he were to plan for an Internet Hollywood Fashion Show this year:


“I’ve been working on other things that require my immediate attention but the fashion show is definitely on my list somewhere,” Vaughka admitted. “I have a lot of designers in mind if I were to put together a show. Janaby is definitely one of them. It would be a different kind of show because of the ongoing crisis with COVID-19. But speculation will remain at rest until action is taken on making the show a reality. We will have to wait and see.”



The last Internet Hollywood Fashion Show happened in Natick, Massachusetts in July 2018. This photo was taken by Karl Jacobson Photography.






Instagram (click name): JANABY


Karl Jacobson: Instagram –  Website

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