Vaughka is interested in having Joetry be a part of Internet Hollywood Radio discussion panel on Thursdays!

IH Radio – Now that Internet Hollywood Radio is back up and running there is no surprise that Vaughka is interested in having independent Connecticut model and designer Joetry be a part of Internet Hollywood on a scale wider than just publications. Joetry has been a name who has been featured on Internet Hollywood multiple times in the past and has showed her support continuously over the years. The Thursday discussions includes a panel of up and coming talent and Internet Hollywood members that discuss the latest things happening with up and coming talent and in Internet Hollywood. The show is set to premiere either later this month or sometime next month.


Joetry is also one of the first up and coming talented people that was invited to be interviewed for what is considered the “official” launch of the Internet Hollywood Radio series that is a part of a yearly cycle of news reporting and Internet Hollywood events that act as a chain to much more bigger event that occurs later.


“The panel is a new idea that invites wide-spread discussions from multiple people who also gives their thoughts, feedback, and predictions on what’s happening on,” Vaughka explained. “But the show evolves around what happens on Internet Hollywood Radio on Sunday nights. So it’s like the following up report with a little insight.”


It is not clear at the moment who will represent members of the Thursday night radio panel but soon everyone will find out.


Joetry’s interview with Vaughka was postponed due to Vaughka’s busy schedule but the interview is currently in the works.



*This photo was taken by Christina Danielle Photography

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 Christina Danielle (Photographer): Facebook

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