Vaughka plays Blockboyy Gotti & Vintage Stackz song “In My Bag” on Internet Hollywood Radio!

IH Radio – Blockboyy Gotti’s musical sound continues to surface through Internet Hollywood Radio streams as our radio show makes its transition into its next phase that will include video and audio streaming on all platforms. Blockboyy Gotti is an artist that is currently in the process of being interviewed and we hope to have it out when we release part 2 of Internet Hollywood Radio’s second episode this Thursday. Vaughka played Blockboyy Gotti & Vintage Stackz song ‘In My Bag’ during part 1 of the show and added the song on the front page of the website. Blockboyy Gotti interview will be about his new mixtape Charge It To The Trap. You could check out the song being played on Internet Hollywood Radio below!



Blockboy Gotti: Instagram – Youtube

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