Vega starts Internet Hollywood Radio second show with rap artist Mark Diggity Update, plays Diggity’s song “I Can’t Trust Nobody”

IH Radio/Buzz Alert– Part 1 of Internet Hollywood Radio episode 2 was one to remember for those that listened and that archive is now available for people to listen to on The show kicked off with a countdown and some interesting effects before being brought in with an applauding audience as Internet Hollywood Vega (Vaughka) presented the latest updates in Internet Hollywood; including one on a rap artist from his home state of Connecticut named Mark Diggity, who he plans on getting to call in to Internet Hollywood Radio to discuss a couple of things. The artist was incarcerated for a few years but was let out early due to the current pandemic. You could listen to the interview by clicking the link below.


~*~*Internet Hollywood Radio – Part 1 of 4*~*~




Mark Diggity: Instagram

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