Vermont Model Antonia Dufort Selfies Up For Internet Hollywood’s Third-Year Anniversary

Prince Vega – Vermont model Antonia Dufort is expressing her love in the form of words in a brand new selfie to celebrate Internet Hollywood’s third-year anniversary. The model sent me an adorable picture of herself kicking back in a room with a “Happy Birthday Internet Hollywood” sign. After getting the picture I immediately felt the need to publish it to share with all of you.


Dufort is an amazing model in Internet Hollywood that has been published  three times in the last few days. If she manages to get two more published stories before next week is out she will become the fastest published debut model in Internet Hollywood’s history.


Dufort currently has a shoot set up with Isabel Vinson at Atomic Canary in Rhode Island on February 14th.  Click Here to purchase your tickets to shoot Isabel Vinson & Antonia Dufort on February 14th.

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