Vermont Model Antonia Dufort Shows Off Her Goods In New Steamy Photo Shoot With Raven Macabre

Prince Vega – Newly published Vermont model Antonia is making quite the debut in Internet Hollywood after new photos from her photo shoot with Raven Macabre was published online this week.


The new steamy gamer photos shows the model strutting her gorgeous body while enjoying tunes through some super huge blue headphones provided by the amazing Raven Macabre himself.


The pictures consist of various forms of modeling that also includes floor shoots where Dufort gets completed naked. Although publishing them is tempting we follow strict principals that won’t allow us to publish nude photos here at Internet Hollywood. We like to keep things suitable for all eyes to see.


What’s even more exciting is the timing I got these photos. Macabre directly contacted me through my Facebook page and treated me to some goodies that I just couldn’t resist. Antonia was stunning! She was staring directly at me with those beautiful eyes. I just couldn’t keep my eyes off it. I just had to share. She’s so flexible with her talent.


This published story is something I thought would help people understand just how talented two people are when they work together. These are a very few out of a lot of pictures from the shoot!

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