Vermont Model Austin Lee Ielpi to be added to Internet Hollywood history book during Arlene Diaries in February 2018

Internet Hollywood News – The first male model to get published will be added to Internet Hollywood history book during Arlene Diaries in February 2018. 18-year-old Vermont model Austin Lee Ielpi made history after receiving his first publication in Internet Hollywood this year on March 27th. After making history thousands of people all over the Internet Hollywood universe shared the news story all over their social media page and congratulated Ielpi for his magnificent achievement.


Ielpi caught Prince Vega’s attention after crushing a group photo shoot with Melissa of MCM Photography. It was the first time Prince Vega heard about the model and had put thoughts in publishing a male model for the first time for months. After a long conversation with New Hampshire model Alexa K. Pierce, he decided to publish the first male model in Internet Hollywood and Ielpi was his choice.


Everyone supported the decision and thanked him for expanding Internet Hollywood to male models as well. Ielpi has been published on Internet Hollywood 5 times since his debut in March.


He will be added in Arlene Diaries between the winter dates of January 22 – February 14. Arlene Diaries happens once a year and when it does all of Internet Hollywood’s most memorable is written down for the Arlene Diaries column, award nominations, gifts and more.


This incredible featured image of Austin Lee Ielpi was taken by Lauren Farrington Photography.


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Photographer:  Lauren Farrington Photography

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