Vermont model Austin Lee Ielpi live streamed Melissa of MCM Photography’s wedding renewal

Internet Hollywood News – Vermont model Austin Lee Ielpi was the open window that let everyone see Melissa’s beautiful wedding in Connecticut last week. During the wedding ceremony he whipped out his phone and streamed seven minutes of it for everyone to see. It turns out Melissa wanted all of her friends to see it and asked for the 18-year old model to do stream it live. Every  minute of it was beautiful.

Ielpi wasn’t the only published sensation in Internet Hollywood that attended the event. Models Hayley Cartwright, Isabel Vinson, Anafia Rose, Raven Macabre Photography and makeup artist Justine Frazier was also in attendance. The amazing group of attendees shared pictures from the day of the wedding on their social media pages for everybody to see.

Melissa’s wedding was saved after the money needed was raised by the help of all of her friends and Internet Hollywood. Melissa is currently one of the most talked about photographers in Internet Hollywood.



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