Vermont Model Hailey Nakaya to walk for NROR ART at the Internet Hollywood fashion show in Natick, Massachusetts on July 1st!

All of the designer’s model selections are now being revealed as the weeks takes us closer to Internet Hollywood’s first party of the year that also includes a fashion show. A total of models were selected and among the 30 was independent Vermont model Hailey Nakaya. Nakaya was very active building herself up in the fall of last year then suddenly went silent to focus on school and work. I have heard from her and she’s doing wonderful and has expressed extreme excitement about being selected by the show.


Fashion Designer Samantha Gottlich selected Hailey Nakaya along with five other models on the day she made her decision. Although Hailey Nakaya did not audition at the Internet Hollywood party last year, she was added to the list to help fill the remaining slots available to skilled talented people that were up and coming. Gottlich has not explained why she selected her but soon we hope to unravel the reasons.


The event will include 30 models, 10 makeup artists and 10 hairstylists that will all be selected by four designers; Noemi Torres of OM;S WRLD, Samantha Gottlich of NROR ART, Iris Jerez of Kylan Harmony and Keturah of EccentricChic. Hailey Nakaya’s selection only fuels her journey through Internet Hollywood. She already has a total of eight publications and three of them are from this year. Her being selected in the fashion show will only increase the amount of publications she gets as the show gets closer.


The event will be taking place in Natick, Massachusetts on July 1st!


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Hailey Nakaya: Facebook – Instagram

Ehro (photographer): Facebook –  Instagram – Website

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