Vermont model Hayley Cartwright could possibly become a Internet Hollywood board member by August

Rumors & Announcements – Vermont model Hayley Cartwright has been getting a lot of media attention from Internet Hollywood after her special appearance at the Internet Hollywood party last week. If you take a simple stroll through our main page you’ll find dozens of pictures of the model at our media-networking event. She was a face to be noticed as she slayed the red carpet in a gorgeous dress that turned the necks of many attendees at the event.


What was one of the coolest things is seeing Cartwright hop on stage to speak to the crowd shortly after I was done. The model announced the MCM Photography raffle then went around to collect the names of all our attendees. The name of the winner was revealed after the model quietly drawn them from the bowl in the media room. The winners of the raffle were contacted the next morning and were told they won.


But that’s only a piece that makes up the point I’m making in this article. What struck me is the feedback that came the next day following Cartwright’s presence at the event. Without asking, two members of our board immediately sensed that Cartwright was a leader. They told me she was very sweet and in tuned with her surroundings during the event and they would allow space to be made for her to become a board member in the near future. Which is something Hayley Cartwright really wants.


At this time there is no telling when that near future will be exactly. But by the looks of things, it could happen by mid-summer.


Internet Hollywood board members consist of very smart minds that helps Prince Vega’s decides things when he seeks second opinions. Each member of the group also plays part in the voting process that comes with organizing, directing and assigning positions for volunteers for special events we throw throughout the year.


This stunning picture of Hayley Cartwright was taken by Holbrook Photography at the Internet Hollywood party in Worcester, Massachusetts on April 22nd.



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