Vermont Model Hayley To Shoot With Melissa Of MCM Photography Studio

hayley-2Prince Vega – Melissa of MCM Photography Studio will be having her hands full this year with a bunch of models she has welcomed to collaborate with her in a status she posted last year. That year is finally here and now Melissa is gearing up for something big and she hasn’t disclosed what yet.

But recently I received a message from a mutual friend whose a newer model that was very excited to deliver some bomb shell news to me. Without getting a chance to ask, this gorgeous brunette revealed that she will be shooting with Melissa from MCM Photography Studio very soon!

Like a child with a secret I couldn’t keep it in and now it is published news for all of you to hear. It is unclear what Melissa has in store for Hayley but I’m certain it would be as good as her wonderful collection of photo shoots. Melissa is a highly credited photographer in Internet Hollywood that has contributed to the brand in a gigantic way and Hayley could benefit off that.

Every collaboration she does with a credited photographer will instantly become news in Internet Hollywood and will get her the 10 stories she needs to be mentioned in Internet Hollywood history books. Hayley has a warm personality that makes her wonderful talent in modeling far more appealing.

One must learn the background story of this gorgeous new star to understand this model is not your regular girlie with good looks. She is taking advantage of the opportunities that’s being presented and is solidifying her portfolio to match up to the best of them. We look forward to seeing what MCM Photography Studio has in store for this wonderful model!

The absolutely stunning featured picture of Hayley above was taken by  an extremely talented photographer by the name of Freesia Capy-Goldfarb.

~MCM Photography Studio~

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