Vermont model Isabel Vinson collides with photographer Joe Miglionico in their new photo shoot!

Photoshoots – Vermont model Isabel Vinson and photographer Joe Miglionico has quite the history when it comes to working with each other in photo shoots and today we’re shedding light on some of the recent work they did that produced magnificent photos that could be found on both of their pages.


The model clued me in on some of the things that lead up to the new photo shoot and stated that the idea of the shoot was hers and it was done at her studio in Western Massachusetts. The two photos I received from Isabel Vinson expresses her freedom in her artistic form that’s known to everyone that follows her work. She appeared nude but styled her poses in a unique way that gave items, like the book that rested on her, creative positions to make the photo shoot even more catching to the eye.


Joe Miglionico’s eye caught the vision that aligned with great editing that comforts the eyes of the viewers that’s staring at the body of the work that was created from this photo shoot. The shining light of the sun that brushes across Isabel’s skin while she rested with her eyes closed made her look as if she was at home in a relaxing state of mined. She looked free without worries, stress or frustration.


The lens of Joe’s camera captured the pillow she rested her head upon in great detail and Isabel’s skin flourished with beautiful tattoos all over her body. The second photo gives a clear display of it all and Isabel’s eyes draws the camera into her reality while the experienced Joe Miglionico gripped the lens of the universe in the palm of his mighty hands.


When asking Isabel Vinson if she had other shoots with the photographer booked, she replied: “Not currently on the books but I can pretty much message him whenever and say “let’s plan something.” She also shared that these photos are part of a series that could be found on her OnlyFans account at www.onlyfans.from/missisabelmarie. She has been doing photo shoots with Joe Miglionico for the past 6 years.




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