Vermont model Isabel Vinson discuss Mooi Model Management, not watering down what she says, when she’ll stop modeling, doing photography and more!

Beyond The Lens -Vermont model Isabel Vinson is cashing in on her 57th publication in Internet Hollywood after completing her interview with us over the weekend. I’ve been itching to interview the model for a long while and have been trying to find the right time to do so, without their being any kind of delays.


As soon as I found time I got in touch with the rising sensation and touched down a few things that I been dying to ask. Although Vinson was in the middle of something and couldn’t really give her us her full attention, instead of scheduling a later date she answered every question I asked. I also told her that I would like to do another interview very soon. I just wanted to make sure I get something else out about her before this month comes to a close. After all, she is the first model we featured on Internet Hollywood.


Enjoy the interview!


Internet Hollywood: What’s up Isabel? I honestly have to admit that I been waiting for this day. LOL. You have such an amazing three-year history with Internet Hollywood and that shows in over 50 stories we published about you. You continue to grow, inspire, work hard and help others after all of these years of modeling. What’s motivating you to do this?


Vinson: My motivation is motivating others to do what makes them feel good and to keep creating. I think some of the best therapy for someone is to be able to express themselves with art.


Internet Hollywood: When you formed Mooi Model Management it set the blue print to something very important to a lot of upcoming models that wanted to try out modeling. Although the management company is no more, you still push models as if it still exist. Is this a sign that Mooi Model Management may be reborn in the future?


Vinson: I don’t think I’ll ever take on management as a career again.. It was overwhelming for me and where I do still help models get work occasionally, that’s all it is, help.


Internet Hollywood: So many upcoming models look up to you and see you as an idol. I happen to be one of those people that’s not a model that see you as role model myself. Does being this popular among so many make you feel as if you have to watch what you say and water things down?


Vinson: I don’t feel like I am one to water things down, I think I’m pretty known for having a quick tongue when it comes to nonsense and people causing problems.


Internet Hollywood: You have done so many photo shoots over the years with photographers from all over. I’ve seen you explore so many styles of modeling that I called you the “Johnny Depp” of modeling. Out of all the photo shoots you did, which one would you say was your favorite to do?


Vinson: Oh man I can’t pick a favorite, I have many favorites.


Internet Hollywood: Are there any photographers that you have been wanting to collaborate with for a while?


Vinson: I try not to jinx myself but there is some stuff in the works.


Internet Hollywood: You recently started a magazine with Raven Macabre and MCM Photography. Melissa told me the magazine will not consist of just pictures. Care to share what she might be talking about?


Vinson: You’ll have to wait and see more about Miraj as it unfolds. But there will be lots more than just pictures.

~*~*Photo by Frank Warmsley*~*~

Internet Hollywood: If you woke up and modeling didn’t exist what would you think you would be doing right now?


Vinson: I’d maybe be an English teacher I think.


Internet Hollywood: Does photography allow you to express yourself better than you do modeling sometimes?


Vinson: photography let’s me express myself differently. I can’t direct photos i am in as much.


Internet Hollywood: When will be the day you put modeling to rest for good and go to other things?


Vinson: psshh I’m not sure. lol. I don’t ever wanna stop but I know that eventually I’ll have to. There are people like Terry who are very mature and inked that give me hope I won’t need to stop.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you so much for the interview Isabel. I look forward to more interviews in the future!


More details about the magazine will be revealed in future stories to come. But I will reveal that the magazine is currently accepting submissions and will be released a few months from now. Isabel Vinson created the magazine with Melissa of MCM Photography and Raven Macabre Photography. All details on how to submit will be given in the story as well. You could follow Isabel Vinson by clicking the highlighted links below!




Isabel Vinson: Facebook – Instagram

Lauren Farrington (photographer/first photo): Facebook – Instagram

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