Vermont Model Isabel Vinson organizes an Xmas group photo shoot and works magic with Lauren Farrington Photography!

Photo Shoots (Christmas) – It is no secret that Vermont model Isabel Vinson works her ass off and spreads a lot of her resources to help benefit others that’s trying to build their career as well. I have watched Isabel put work in for years and maintain her activeness in modeling at unbelievable times and that always inspires me to share her great work with a lot of the photographers she works with. She recently did a Christmas group shoot with some models and photographers and the pictures that I have seen from it so far were beyond great and possess its own vibe that provides holiday cheer to anyone that enjoys seeing some beautiful ladies rocking the colors that’s known around this time of year.


I’ve been on the quest to discover more photos with Isabel Vinson but these are the ones that were sent to me by Lauren Farrington. Isabel has done other photo shoots that I will also look into digging up for more stories in the future as hell. Sometimes it’s hard finding the pictures on my own because of how actively involved Isabel is on the independent modeling scene. Before you know it her page would be loaded with a buncha new work and you’d have to go on a scrolling spree to find what you’re looking for. LOL. It’s best to stay updated on what she’s doing by going to her pages.


I got in contact with Isabel and Lauren to get the green light on writing the story then put this story together after publishing many other stories about Christmas. This will definitely not be the last holiday story about Isabel or Lauren this year. There are plenty more photos to come!




Isabel Vinson: Facebook – Instagram

Lauren Farrington: Facebook – Instagram

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