Vermont model Isabel Vinson shares her Christmas plans, discusses her favorite Xmas movies, doing four Xmas shoots, who made it on her Xmas list and more!

Christmas (t.o.t.w): Independent Vermont model Isabel Vinson is in the Christmas spirit this year and she was kind enough to share what was going on with her for this season so far. The model has been keeping herself busy with dozens of Christmas collaborations with photographers like Lauren Farrington, Raven Macabre, Studio Duke and Robert Puckett. She also revealed that she has more Christmas shoots on the way.


Christmas has been a popular topic in Internet Hollywood now that the holiday season is approaching and a new year will follow after. It definitely has everyone extremely busy with their online shopping and planning. I was definitely lucky to talk with Vinson as busy as she’s been this year. I hope you enjoy the interview!



~*~*Christmas /w Isabel Vinson*~*~



Internet Hollywood: What were your favorite Christmas movies to watch as a child growing up?


Vinson: Definitely Christmas Story. The first time I finished watching it I immediately went and stuck my tongue to a pole outside to see if it would actually work and it did.


Internet Hollywood: What are your favorite Christmas movies now that you’re a young adult now?


Vinson: Does The Beauty and The Beast live-action count? It’s set in winter. I say it does. So that.


Internet Hollywood: This year is clearly the busiest time of the year with Cyber Monday passing. Are you doing most of your shopping online or offline?


Vinson: I’m a year-round gift giver. Christmas is a great excuse to buy stuff, I admit, but I went light this year and am doing more personal shopping


Internet Hollywood: Who are some of the people that made your Christmas list this year?


Vinson: Karissa Bills. Melissa Morris. Taylor Knytych. Alex Yian. My bad, good girls, hahaha, to name a few.


Internet Hollywood: You have been lighting up Instagram with photos from your Christmas shoots with Lauren Farrington, Raven Macabre, Studio Duke and Robert Puckett. Are there any other collabs in store for the holiday?


Vinson: I have some coming with a few others. You’ll l have to wait and see.


Internet Hollywood: What are your favorite songs to listen to around this season?


Vinson: Holiday music is the worstttttt… throw on some liquid DNB and call it a day!


Internet Hollywood: Will you be cooking at all?


Vinson: I think I’m gonna skip cooking this year.


Internet Hollywood: Last question; what is your most memorable Christmas moment?


Vinson: All my best memories are with Jamie. He’s perfection.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you so much for the interview, Isabel. It is always a pleasure talking with you.


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Isabel Vinson: Facebook – Instagram

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