Vermont Model Isabel Vinson To Make History In Arlene Diaries With 42 Published Stories In Internet Hollywood!

isabel-vinson-image-1Prince Vega – After a long, hard and exciting modeling journey, Isabel Vinson is set to make history for the state of Vermont on February 14! The Vermont model will be nominated later this month for a place in Internet Hollywood’s history book in Arlene Diaries. She is the leading model in front page stories and has been published 42 times since her debut in April 2014.

Isabel Vinson partnered up with Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega in early April of 2014 to properly guide independent models with the right resources to help their careers while fighting against the stereotypes in the modeling industry. Vinson is known for opening up her resources to models in need of a path when beginning their careers. She has defended dozens of models in the past and has made the public aware of people not to work with.

After Isabel is nominated the process in writing her accomplishments in Internet Hollywood history books begins on January 18 and ends on February 14. 70 celebrities in Internet Hollywood will be mentioned in Arlene Diaries and one will be rewarded an Arlene award which symbolizes Internet Hollywood’s celebrity of the year. All models will be defending champions who will be added to Internet Hollywood’s following magazine issue.

Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega has publicly thanked and credited Isabel Vinson for motivating him to feature news about models on the website. He continues to remind the world that she has played a major role in shaping the model community in Internet Hollywood. She is the first model Prince Vega has ever recruited.

The gorgeous photo of Isabel Vinson was taken by Melissa from MCM Photography Studio.

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