Vermont model Rhea Rayne takes on Madonna in new photo shoot with Constantine Photos

Photo Shoots – Vermont model Rhea Rayne has been quietly doing her thing and one of her latest photo shoots with Constantine Photos shows just how well she has been doing it. The model shared a photo from her shoot with the Rhode Island photographer that took place in Mid-April. The model dressed up as Madonna and slayed every piece of wardrobe that was on her beautiful body. I have to say Manos sure put his camera to great use in the wonderful shot in this story.


Their work in the past has made them some of the most familiar names to Internet Hollywood readers in the last few months. Rhea Rayne currently has received four publications in Internet Hollywood and Constantine Manos has 6. They both are some of the many upcoming sensations we write stories about daily. I predict that those stories will increase during the summer.


Rayne was suppose to make an appearance at Internet Hollywood’s first party of the year on April. But due to reasons we will not disclose, the model couldn’t make it. We hope to see both of these amazing people at our next party in August!


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