Vermont model Shay discuss her photo shoot with Curt Tota, getting into fitness modeling, playing sports, loving basketball, wanting to sign to an agency and more!

Beyond The Lens – Shay is a young and very talented model coming from the state of Vermont with potential that could easily be recognized in photo shoots and in person. I had the great pleasure in meeting the model back in April at the Internet Hollywood Party in Worcester, Massachusetts. She struck me as a very smart and laid back person with lots to gain from her career if all the resources were available to her. This is a tiny scoop on why I’m strongly interested in learning about this new star.


I got in touch with the model last week and asked for an interview before sending her eight questions to shed some light on who she is as a model and a person beyond the lens of a photographer’s camera. Enjoy the interview!


~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Shay*~*~

Internet Hollywood: Hey Shay!! You are definitely one of the most chillest females that I know that are modeling independently. I remember meeting you at Internet Hollywood’s first party back in April. What a good time it was! How has things been since then?


Shay: First off thank you so much! I definitely thrive for a chill vibe that would allow people to feel comfortable around me. The party was full of spirit and definitely a great experience meeting people with such talents! Since then things have been great I’ve just been enjoying life!


Internet Hollywood: You have been rather quiet with modeling for a while now. I believe the last photo shoot you did was with Curt Tota. Are you taking a break from modeling or just handling other things?


Shay: recently I’ve took a huge interest in fitness modeling, I have been working out and really working on my health and fitness. I also have a huge love for social media and been busy putting together my YouTube channel.


Internet Hollywood: What is it about modeling that incites your emotions to the point you want to take on it as a career?


Shay: I’m not exactly sure if I want modeling to be my top career. I do want to model for as long as I possibly can but I want to see it as more of a fun day rather than a work day.


Internet Hollywood: Do you have strong principals when it comes to how open you are to the style of modeling you do? What are some kinds of shoots you can’t imagine yourself doing?


Shay: Currently, because I am still so young I do have limits as to how personal a photo shoot can get. At this age I do not see myself doing nude shoots. Which is another reason why I find so much interest in fitness modeling because you don’t see as much sexual content.


Internet Hollywood: Now if I’m correct you are or were an athlete at one point. Could you elaborate on what sport you were into?


Shay: I’m currently still very athletic. I love all sports except for the hockey sports, I just can’t bring myself to like them. My main sport I love more than any other is basketball.


Internet Hollywood: Are you interested in signing to an agency or do you want to stay independent?


Shay: I have not made that decision yet, right now I’m fine with being independent but when I move to California I do believe I would eventually sign to an agency.


Internet Hollywood: Could you name the ultimate goal that will fulfill your dreams as a model?


Shay: My goal in the modeling industry is to be unique and different. I want to be that one people are staring at because everyone else is wearing their sparkling glittery dresses and I am wearing Calvin Klein joggers and my favorite cropped windbreaker. Also I want to work with two of my favorite models Jasmine brown and Sommer Ray.


Internet Hollywood: If everything doesn’t work at like you planned what do you see replacing modeling as a plan b? 


Shay: Modeling is my plan b. I originally wanted to be a social media influencer. I’m still working on accomplishing both things and failing isn’t an option.


Internet Hollywood: That’s definitely the best way to go. Thank you for the interview Shay. Our eyes will definitely be open to all of your work in the future.



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