Victoria Amberle shares photos from her photo shoot at Mt. Higby with Byrdman Photography

Photo Shoots – It has been a very busy week for up and coming talent in the New England and my hands have been following that busy week with reports on all of the latest news that’s been happening with each one of them and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. I have been keeping in touch with many talented people with a direct focus to bring their hard work on the underground to our platform for all of our readers to see. I have come across many people to write about this week an upcoming model Victoria Amberele was one of them.


I recently got in touch with Victoria and talked to her about writing a story about one of the recent photoshoots she did and she kindly over some pictures for the story. The photos she sent were from a photo shoot she did with Byrdman Photography at Mt. Higby in Middletown, Connecticut, After receiving the photos I asked for the background story of the photo shoot and got some details on how the photo shoot came about. Although she didn’t share much, she gave a clearer view of how the photo shoot came about and I decided to include that response in this story for you all to see. Here’s what she said:


“It’s not a terribly long backstory haha. I had the idea, I used to dance and liked the idea of using movable fabric to make art. I originally had it planned for Castle Craig but there was an event going on at the park that didn’t allow for us to get to the top, so we had it at Mt. Higby instead. I researched some photos for more ideas on how to use the fabric and it just kinda went from there I guess.”


Victoria Amberle’s photos could be seen on both of their social media pages that are attached to the highlighted links below. This is one of a couple awesome photo shoots she has done in her few years of modeling. I look forward to seeing what else her and Byrdman Photography got in the store in the future!




Victoria Amberle: Instagram

Byrdman Photography: Instagram

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