Virginia Rapper Richakawitness Speaks On Hip Hop League Competitors: “Lets Bring It And Have Fun”

Rich 2Prince Vega – Virginia rapper Richakawitness is in good spirits for Joey Claris’s new hip hop league that is expected to kick off in the beginning of May. The tournament is said to involve 32 rappers from all over the world that will face-off throughout the spring until one champion is crowned in the ending. The rules are not yet set until Joey Claris announces them, but the news leading to the final stages are headlining all over Internet Hollywood.


Recently artists Jay Burn and Brave the Monster spoke to our reporters and gave their opponents formal advice before entering The League of Hip Hop which is being called ‘The Hunger Games Of Internet Hollywood.” Now our reporters are taking it to Virginia to get the 411 from Richakawitness.


“My advice is let’s bring it and have fun,” he said . “I know we’re going to have some amazing emcees so lets set the bar. And I like to thank Prince Vega and miss JC for the chance for the exposure. In our digital age so many people are expose to music and things. So making an outlet for emcees to show case their talent, I’m thankful for being apart of the first internet Hollywood hip hop league tournament.”

All records will be kept during the epic showdowns that is expected to be the talk of Internet Hollywood from start to finish. Dozens of our reporters are ready and time is ticking! Will Richakawitness last in the dome? We will see starting May 1st!


If you are interested in getting involved with Joey Claris’s  League of Hip Hop before it is too late click the highlighted link on the bottom and read the following details from the article attached!


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