Visual Artist & Designer Rhiannon Bethany brings out the Antipasto for Thanksgiving

Topic of the Month (Thanksgiving) – Thanksgiving has been a pretty popular topic this month in Internet Hollywood, thanks to the talented people that I published about that celebrates it. A lot of people from all over has been doing a lot of cooking and they been sharing what they made online and gave me the green light to share it on the website. This Antipasto was made by a very talented visual artist by the name of Rhiannon Bethany.


I asked Rhiannon to give me a little background story on her holiday gathering and here’s what she had to say:



“My mom and I cooked. Shes Italian and all about home cooked big family meals. Hospitality is her middle name, and she’s passing the reigns to me when the time comes. Antipasto is a traditional italian appetizer of meats and cheeses and I always make it. I’m the eldest of three sisters.”


I came across this beautifully prepared Antipaso dish they both made together while surfing the wall of my social media page on Thanksgiving Day. You better get a napkin for your mouth because this look banging!


Rhiannon Bethany: WebsiteInstagram


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