Vocalist Sarah Murphy tells Internet Hollywood a ghost story, discusses her upcoming show on Halloween, not watching horror movies, and more!

Topic of the Week (Halloween) – The countdown is on to Halloween and many people have been revealing their plans and costumes they plan to wear for the holiday. I have been interviewing a lot of people and have learned a lot of things during my quest to discover these stories to share with you all. I caught up with Connecticut vocalist Sarah Murphy to get the inside on her plans for the upcoming holiday. Enjoy the interview!


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Internet Hollywood: What’s up Sarah? I appreciate you taking out some time to chat with me today. I’m definitely interested in learning about your plans for the holidays. My quest to discover what everyone has going on has opened my mind to a lot of cool things and fun experiences. How is everything going?  Are you planning on anything for Halloween?


Murphy: Lately, everything is going great, I have no complaints and I have been feeling consistently blessed and grateful. Halloween always is a busy time of year for me I find. My band Haunting Titans has two shows booked, October 25 at The Rough Draft in Hamden and a private party that Saturday, October 27. As well as October 26 I’m going up to Quincy Mass to see one of my favorite bands The Van Burens. On actual Halloween, I might stay in and eat candy after such an eventful weekend.


Internet Hollywood: Halloween is definitely a popular holiday for horror movies. We all have our fair share of movies that strikes us to the very core of our emotions. What are some of your favorite horror movies to watch and what horror movie and character terrified you the most?


Murphy: I actually don’t watch horror movies. I’m very easily scared and I tend to watch movies about fantasy and fun this time of year instead of something that would cause fright. I would have to say I throw on the some fun classics like Hocus Pocus or The Nightmare Before Christmas. Murder and gore are literally never on my watch list and I have shame to it.


Internet Hollywood: What would you say is your favorite type of candy and food to eat around this time of year?


Murphy: I love peanut butter cups! But to be completely honest I love candy in general. You can usually find me with a stash of chocolate somewhere or a hoard of lollipops in my purse all year round.


Internet Hollywood: Will you be dressing up in any costume this year?


Murphy: Ooh! I usually like to keep secrets about these things but I do believe I have a theme costume with some friends one night, I’m doing a throwback to one of my favorite childhood shows another, and a lastly I an hoping to rock a superhero at least evening as well.


Internet Hollywood: this is one of my favorite questions I have been asking everyone so I kept it for the last one, have you ever went through a haunted experience or strange encounter at any point in your lifetime?


Murphy: Absolutely. I have a few good ghost stories but my best one takes place in my friends old house which was built in the late 1700’s. After a short tour around the property, the final spot was the basement. The second the basement door was opened I knew we had made a mistake. Later that evening I was alone in the living room and I was taking my hair down out of a pony tail. I shook out my hair and then I felt it, 4 ice cold fingers run through my hair. It pushed my hair back behind my ear and that’s when I popped right up and ran into the kitchen.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Sarah! Have a Happy Halloween!


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