VOTE NOW: Model Isabel Vinson Takes On The Jetset Magazine “2015 Magazine Cover Contest”

izzy 3Prince Vega – Mooi Model Isabel Vinson is in need of extended hands to help her achieve the cover of Jetset Magazine. The 12 phase contest recently reduce the top fifty (50) entries to the top twenty five (25) State and International entries, as stated on the terms, rules, and regulations page. In the next phase approaching on October 8th they will again reduce the top State and International entries from twenty five (25) to ten (10). Isabel Vinson is one out of the few that dedicates every minute of her life into making the best out of her modeling career. She has grown to be heavily respected, loved, and trusted by dozens of models in the northeast area.

Without a doubt she has proven herself to be unlike any other model. She’s a visionary that lives for the moment that creates wonders worth remembering forever. The gorgeous Internet Hollywood superstar recently crushed one of her latest photo shoots with a talented photographer by the name of Lens Wild. The Mooi Model Management CEO kept us updated on her latest work after sending it directly to us over her social media page. Vinson is a known model that is also considered the Marilyn Monroe of Internet Hollywood. Back in August she historically pulled the biggest power move our universe has ever seen after she made 29 of her Mooi Models Internet Hollywood superstars at the same time! She is the only model in Internet Hollywood with the power to change how our model circuit functions.

Vote For Isabel Vinson – Here’s How by Isabel Vinson!

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“Click vote by sharing (you won’t actually have to share) the click where it says click here to verify, then scroll a bit more and click I’m not a robot. I moved down to the number 2 spot and that makes me ultra sad so sorry about the spam and thanks in advance for your vote.”

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