Watch Internet Hollywood Celebrity Keri Marie On Ink Masters This Tuesday On Spike TV Network!

KERI EDIT NEWBeautiful ProjectXPlatinum model Keri Marie have a lot to be excited about this week! The model recently broke the news to her following that she will be appearing on Spike Lee’s ‘Ink Masters’ 10/9c  this upcoming Tuesday. She also included some awesome photos on the set of ‘Ink Masters’ on her profile to publicly share the awesome work that was being done to her body. Keri also revealed the style in which she appeared on the show, as a farmer. The once in a lifetime opportunity involving the flash challenge created an exciting moment for Keri that our universe knows she deserves. Keri career continues to gain the momentum it needs to exceed the limits that holds most models back starting off in the alternative realm. The latest updates only proves Keri have what it takes to be more than just a model. The Internet Hollywood star have the ability to build herself a successful empire that will dominate the social media world alongside the entertainment business. We ask that you all show your support in tune in to Ink Masters this upcoming Tuesday to see our Keri Marie in action!!!

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