WATCH NOW: Crooktype just released a new music video titled ‘Money Money’ on YouTube!

Underground Music – Crooktype is warming up the winter with some new heat they released on Youtube last week. The new song titled “Money Money” brings a familiar sound to the new era of music that could be heard around the times’ groups like Mobb Deep were widely embraced at the height of their careers. The gritty underground sound also possesses modern fast sounds that could give them their own lane in the industry in its current state.


The music video has been receiving a positive reaction from the independent scene and has managed to bring in hundreds of in the process. It also was shared by Independent music artist Hartford Po.


The hook is very catchy but it gets even more catchy when they mix Wutang’s popular line “Cream Get The Money Money” and intertwine it with “Cash Rules Everything Around Me” at the end of each hook. I think that was a clever idea that I haven’t heard since the early 2000’s.


I got word about the song after Crooktype’s Ville Will messaged me the link over messenger and gave me the scoop on his group’s upcoming project. He told me the song was part of their “C.V.P” project and that the energy of “Money Money” will be felt through the other singles that will be on the project. He also mentioned that the art is some of the darkest stuff that we’ll ever hear. I definitely can’t wait to hear it!


The video to “Money Money” was shot by All Around Filmz.


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