Watch Rapper Big Mach and Papers body their collaboration in their music video ‘D.W.I.W.T’

Independent Music – Independent Connecticut rap artist Big Mach and Papers teamed up last month and released a music video and I just saw it for the very first time today so I thought I’d write a story about it. I have been keeping tabs on some of Big Mach’s new releases since I recreated one of my accounts that focuses on musicians in the tri-state area and things haven’t changed since I last posted, as far as the grind goes.


Mach continues to release new music tracks and videos for everyone proving his passion for Hip Hop runs through the blood in his veins. In the last three months, he has released seven songs to the public and four of them were collaborations. Today we shed light to a past collaboration titled ‘D.W.I.W.T‘ where March carries the same torch of aggressive street content that he is known for. It includes a talented independent artist name Papers who assists in tearing apart the track piece by piece.


The song was engineered by John Dillinger and the video was shot by Mike Rawlings. The video pretty much shows them artistically expressing themselves only in a studio setting. I never miss the chance to write about something Big Mach has going on musically whenever I get a chance to write about what’s happening in Connecticut. He has supported me before the existing days of Internet Hollywood and I will continue to return that support to show the love back. You could check out the music video below!!


I’m currently in the process of getting everybody links to add to the credits below. You could check out the music video by clicking it below!


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