Wayne Gordon Believes Cthree Bars Were Blown Way Out Of Proportion, Credits Cthree’s Lyrics


Upcoming rising celebrity headlining in our super universe is speaking his views on the speculated subliminal diss Cthree made towards Snacks Giggaty. The Fort Lauderdale, Florida rapper  isn’t convinced that the line is a subliminal shot and is blaming the media for blowing it out of proportion! The recent reactions following the subliminal line kept the circuits in our universe buzzing since Cthree’s start in our realm. Cthree realms relaxed about the situation and so far has kept his feet clean and stayed still without speaking. Wayne Gordon acknowledged Cthree skills and credited him for the clever use of words

“I think his post is being blown out of proportion. I could be wrong; but, to me it seems to be nothing more than a clever use of words, which, so happen to edge a bit too close for comfort to Late Nite Snacks’ name.”

Wayne Gordon always went to express the importance in battle rap in the culture of Hip Hop. He also included that its a must that we respectively separate the mainstream and underground scenes.

“When assessing battling in Rap culture, we must remember to separate the mainstream, underground, and D.I.Y scenes respectively. In the mainstream, obviously, it isn’t as important as it once was; say, back in the early 80s and throughout the 90s. Now-a-days, its more of a popularity contest; skill has very little to do with anything at that level.

The underground Rap scene is the most diversified of them all. Some artists have fans who care immensely about battles; so, for these artists in particular, yes, the old-school, one-on-one competition is still very important; and, maybe moreso now than ever, because of the mainstream’s attitude towards the battle aspect of Hip-Hop. In contrast, however, there are plenty other artists with fans who couldn’t care less about smokey room showdowns; or, even the big-time, bright light events like URL and K.O.T.D.

As for D.I.Y Rap artists, I don’t believe battles hold any significance for them. Yes, it may help with exposure, but, in the long run, a D.I.Y artist’s main draw is their music; just as a Battle MC’s main draw is their ability to entertain during competition.

To address the after effect of Cthree’s bars; I think this could shake some things up. Even if there was no malicious intent on Cthree’s part, people love to take things at face value and run with it. I don’t think Late Nite Snacks should think anything of it, unless Cthree specifically calls him out.”

Wayne Gordon is an important figure working his way through our headlines and has made quite an impact since his debut a few days ago. All words to prove Wayne’s credible at what he does is found inside of the music he delivers for the public to see. Wayne’s path opens with the opportunities he takes on while taking on the journey that will help him make a living out of what he loves doing the most.

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