Wayne Gordon’s “Dungeon Diaries” EP An Unknown Masterpiece

wayne gordon editWayne Gordon is forcing the world to feel the pressure with heat no lesser than great with his amazing EP that remains one of the most effective projects released on soundcloud. The creative skills he uses to connect each verse to a power hook that subconscious empowers our minds to emotionally feel where he is coming from is beyond realistic. Wayne’s powerful song “Afraid Of The Dark” is a spark unleashing a flame that has set the Internet Hollywood universe on fire since his debut. He continues to use the power of his voice inside amazing songs like “Sorry” to gain enough momentum to secure a top 10 spot on our billboard charts. The production on Wayne’s art is creatively put together with powerful producers like Eddie Perez, J.D. Beatz, Tony Fadd and Trackslammerz. Wayne’s collective masterpieces are unfinished sketches from a picture being recorded from his incredibly gifted mind. The time he puts into his music consciously uplifts his talent enough to deliver messages fans can easily translate. Wayne Gordon’s EP is the beginning of an amazing story from a star being born before our very own eyes. His incredible work has already placed him in Internet Hollywood’s ‘Top 10 Billboard Charts” and first magazine issue released in December! CHECK OUT WAYNE’S EP BELOW!

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