Welcome Back: Connecticut Welcomes Rapper Nardi Home After Years-Long Absence

nardi 2Prince Vega – Rapper Nardi (Hartford, Connecticut) is getting a warm welcome from his pairs after being released from a sentence that spread years-long. The talented rapper recently updated the world on his release on his social media page that received hundreds of likes and comments from friends, family, and artists from all over Connecticut.


Nardi is a well known respected artist in Connecticut that has earned his name as a rapper by dominating the underground for countless years. In the early 2000’s it wasn’t hard to find a conversation without the name Nardi being mentioned whenever discussing rappers in the Connecticut area. We are not going to speak on any charges because, not to sound mean, but that isn’t anyones business. We are sharing this information to the world because it was made public to the world by the artist himself.


We are glad that Nardi has gave us enough material to listen to before his absence because it becomes beneficial in the long term when newer fans discover his music. We hope the artist continues to focus on music and bring his amazing gift as a rapper to the forefront so people from all over the world can listen.


Some of Nardi’s music may be strong in content but the reality is very known when it comes to what he’s about. Nardi is not only a skilled rapper, he’s also a childhood friend to a huge amount of Prince Vega’s relatives. Look forward to hearing Nardi’s music on Internet Hollywood Radio every Tuesday. The photo above of Nardi was took by d!@mond$!

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