Welcome Home: Rapper Hartford Po Finally Returns Home, Receives Huge Amount Of Love

hartford poPrince Vega – Rapper Hartford Po has finally returned and we are hoping to get all the music we can from the artist now that he’s back. The talented Connecticut artists was easily placed among the hardest to release music in Connecticut for years and now he’s here and our ears remain open to hear the flows that’s been growing since his absence. He received a huge amount of love and support from his friends, family, friends and other Connecticut artists on his social media page.


I’m not going to dig into the history of his absence because I’m unaware and that’s nobodies business but his. We are just glad to hear another talented artist can create the music his friends, family and supporters love! It was only last year when the music artist released a sick freestyle from behind bars which proves Hartford Po can still produce the flames no matter where his brain is.


Hartford Po isn’t a familiar name to our readers and that will soon change now that he’s back in action. The fact remains known names like his deserves all the exposure it can get. He’s one of the handful of artists in Connecticut that has been putting in work for years on the underground music scene.


Documented history in the published video world shows Hartford Po has videos that stretches above years in the past exceeding thousands of others with content in his home state. He has also collaborated with other artists that made headlines from Hartford like Joe Banga, Mark Diggity, G.O.L.D & more.


Those unfamiliar with Hartford Po can make themselves acquainted with the skilled mc by checking out some of the videos he has made in the past posted below. ~*~*Welcome Home Hartford Po*~*~

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