What does it mean now that MA model Sara Andrews has been selected to be in the Internet Hollywood Magazine in July?

IH News / Magazine (Updated) – If you checked out Internet Hollywood Vega’s latest interview on this website where he talks about his music you will discover some recent changes that pushed the Internet Hollywood Magazine release date towards the ending of July. The new magazine is currently in the works and a few more names will be revealed as promotions for everyone involved increases. This is why you have been hearing a lot more about upcoming independent models like Sara Andrews early this year. The model was selected to be in the magazine issue and it will be her very first feature in the magazine series. So what does it mean now that Sara Andrews is selected to be in the magazine? I guess my answer is quite simple; Sara Andrews feature on the magazine guarantees her more written stories on InternetHollywood.com, more promotions, free tips and advice on marketing herself, discounts to some of Internet Hollywood events, a closer chance to winning an Internet Hollywood award, an enormous amount of help with building her portfolio, and much more. Internet Hollywood now operates on its own yearly cycle and she is one of the first faces to get selected which puts her right in it. She was selected because of her hard work, diverse style of modeling, past collaborations, and the excellent work she did styling models hair at the Internet Hollywood Fashion Show. I would also like to give a shout out to two awesome photographers by the name of Jeffrey Allen and Oscar Plunkett who took incredible photos of Sara Andrews that were featured on the website!



*This story was originally posted at an earlier date but has been modified and updated





Sara Andrews: Instagram (modeling) – Instagram (hair)

Photographer: Jeffrey Allen

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