What talent will face off in the Internet Hollywood ‘Battle Zone Of Art’ at ‘Vaughka Springs’ on August 19th?

The Main Event / Vaughka Springs – The battle zone in ‘Vaughka Series’ is expected to be one of the most entertaining and inspiring moments in Internet Hollywood’s 6-year history that gives a huge amount of recognition to the people selected to be a part of the show down that draws feed back from many up and coming talented people who votes on which talent has the best work. The friendly competition is one of many new things that occur during the show that is two hours long. It will also include new music releases, audio book episodes, music videos, special interviews, a discussion panel with special guests, and more.


The first two people of talent has not been selected yet but when it is made known you will be one of the first to know about it. Each event happens every other month and new talent is selected every time to compete in the friendly competition that will include weeks of follow up stories after. The first stop is ‘Vaughka Springs’ and it is set to air on August 19th.


So what is Vaughka Springs? 


If that wasn’t made clear a few sentences ago I apologize for the loophole. But it’s one of Internet Hollywood main events that occurs every other month and it includes a friendly competition between talented acts that share their art and get a huge amount of feed back and votes from it. Winners do receive prizes. We will keep you updated on everything involving the event as the date gets closer. You will be able to tune in to the show on www.internethollywood.com!


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