What Will Model Cristal Catalina’s Internet Hollywood Radio Show Be About?

cristal cat 4Prince Vega – The clock is still ticking and Cristal Catalina’s day as an Internet Hollywood radio personality is getting closer and closer. The date of the show premiere remains unclear, but it was confirmed by Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega that everything is currently in the works. The model won over our representatives after being the first model outside of ProjectXPlatinum to rank #1 in Internet Hollywood’s Top Model billboard charts back in June. Her hard work was enough to help her hold down the longest #1 streak in Internet Hollywood – 10 months.


Catalina has shown her appreciation by helping the Internet Hollywood brand expand by sharing our articles to thousands of her followers. She continues to come up with brand new ideas to help us improve our features for models and readers all over the world. There has been some speculation that the model might do a show about the latest news following the entertainment business, but at this time we are not certain. We could only hope with our wishes and seeing the best come out of Cristal Catalina’s decision.


Cristal is a loyal friend and supporter of Internet Hollywood founders Prince Vega & Joey Claris. She was one of the first few models that always supported the two artists from the moment her and Prince Vega met. Her and Prince Vega share similar views when it comes to the world of politics and they careless about how anyone feels with them expressing it.


What can we expect?

Still now we are clueless to point out what Catalina may have in mind for her show, but we will definitely find out soon. Cristal’s amazing personality may be perfect for a radio show that shows everyone how incredibly sweet, funny, and caring she is. When the date of the show premiere is available we will let you all know. She is also expected to receive around three Internet Hollywood award nominations late next year.

We are unaware who took the absolutely amazing photo of Cristal above, but when we find out we will give the photographer the proper credit they deserve. <3

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