What You Missed: Rapper U.T.K Kicks It The ‘Sway’ Way, Releases New Music Video ‘Attention’

utk with swayOne of Internet Hollywood’s most powerful celebrities is keeping their grind meter to the max. Rapper U.T.K is making front page headlines again after one of our reporters discovered a photo with the artist and Sway. Not many details are available at this moment to pinpoint the actual story behind the picture, but soon we will. U.T.K has been keeping the engine of his career rolling with nothing but progress. He is currently one of the top 10 played music artists on Internet Hollywood radio. He was also ranked the 8th biggest headliner in our digital universe back in September! His dedication to music has influenced our committee members decision in covering any news involving U.T.K. His girlfriend Charrita is currently the second biggest photographer in Internet Hollywood. With all these goodies being leaked it’s clear we are dealing with some very influential individuals. U.T.K’s impact has suddenly created a noticeable wave that’s washing the shores of our digital industry. Sounds like a human tsunami to me! Understanding this musicians mind is probably a journey through endless mysteries. There is no telling what source influenced his gifted style of rapping. It’s best to pay close attention to get what you can out of the genius at work. His energetic flow carries a vibe that’ll find it’s way through your subconscious mind. We can easily predict that U.T.K’s path will have him printed on the front page of iHollywood magazines in the future. The artist just recently went on a tagging spree and put his supporters onto his new music video. The track ‘attention’ is a very impressive masterpiece with hard hitting fast lyrics to follow. Check out the new video below!!!

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