When will O’Merta return with new music? Internet Hollywood Revisits the year he impacted CT’s music scene!

Musicians – It was a cold day in Connecticut for most of the people who couldn’t take the chilly weather. All your everyday resident would bundle up and begin their early morning commute with their little coffee cups and bagels from the closest Dunkin Donuts they could find. But little did they know beyond those buildings they passed it was another conversation going on in the hood and it had everything to do with music. It was the day O’Merta released his “Where I’m Going” music video by The Facey Kid.


The name O’Merta came after his decision to replace his name Arkatekk Miles, which he originally posted his music as. In a sense, this gives me the idea of something similar to a rebirth of what he stands for as a musician and he’s letting those messages be known in the songs he puts out. ‘Where I’m Going’ was a song with a hard-hitting bass, crafty flow, and adlibs that harmonized within a cool verse that connected to a very catchy hook. It literally lit a match in a lot of people’s social media pages and was streamed almost 16 thousand times on Youtube.


O’Merta followed up with another music video titled ‘When I’m Gone’ a couple months after and maintained that same kind of energy around that time period. The song revisits the past when he was shot in the streets of Hartford, Connecticut and paints the picture of his experiences while living his life on the streets of Hartford. Youtube shows that the song has been streamed almost 40 thousand times.


He later released more highly shared and streamed songs  “B.A.N.”, “My Side Of Town”, and “Hard To Say Goodbye” which is a tribute to a friend of his name Splash that died in a car accident. He was also a music artist as well.


It has been since the release of “Some Issues” that we heard from the artist in the music realm. I have heard new verses from the artists personally that was fire but it is not known whether he recorded those verses. We will have to see what the artist has when he decides to break his silence. Whatever it is, I look forward to seeing how it impacts Connecticut’s music scene. Check out some of his music below!





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