Who will Photographer Raven Macabre do photo shoots with at the Internet Hollywood Magazine & Dance Party on August 19th?

Coming Up – Manchester, CT is about to be filled with dozens of growing talent from New England on August 19th at the Parkade Cinemas & Entertainment. We have been getting confirmation from dozens of talented people who wants to join in on the networking event to connect with others to build their portfolios. One of those incredibly talented people that will be in the building is Raven Macabre Photography.


Macabre has pretty much been planning on making an special appearance before the party became public for everyone to see. He was one of the people who loaned some of his ideas just in case we needed it for the event. He was the first photographer that was invited to the event alongside Holbrook, Constantine Manos, Raymix-1000 and MCM Photography. The list of invites have increased since then and dozens of more photographers will be attending.


One of the main things I’m focused on is who the photographer will be shooting at the party. With so many names confirming their appearance, it is hard to predict who I may see behind the lens of Macabre’s camera at the party. He has already shot with a lot of the models that will be attending the event. Some of those names includes: Isabel Vinson, Antonia Dufort, Taylor Elizabeth  Austin Lee Ielpi  and Kaitlyn Costa.


I definitely will have the chance to finally see Macabre in action on the day of the party. I’m just overwhelmed with the kind of art that will come out of his shoots with whoever he does shoot. A simple search through our website and you will Macabre’s name all over it.



Raven Macabre: Instagram – Facebook

~*~*Some Of Raven Macabre’s Work*~*~

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