Who’s Broke?: 50 Cent Responds To Rick Ross – Shows Off Thousands Of Dollars In Instagram Pics

Prince Vega – 50 Cent just trolled anybody that thinks he’s even close to being broke. The multi-platinum Queens artist took the rumor head on with a couple pictures and a video that shows him trapped and surrounded by a huge amount of cash. Although I feel people are too nosy and shouldn’t be focused on what’s in someone else pockets, social media tends to find this money move very entertaining for the entrepreneur.

50 cent instagram 1


Inspired by the character he plays on his hit show, Power, According to Thisis50, 50 Cent has announced that he will be releasing a new mixtape titled Kanan. He will also be releasing new music from this mixtape this week.

50 cent instagram 2

The war in court doesn’t end there for 50 cent. He recently slapped his former lawyers with a $75 million lawsuit, alleging that they mishandled the lawsuit against Sleek Audio, which ended with the rapper having to pay almost $20 million. While it was fun to joke about 50 cent being broke, anyone with a brain knows 50 cent spends and saves his money wisely.



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