Will Isabel Vinson Rank Amongst Internet Hollywood’s Top 10 Models On Sept. 13th

isabel vinson and raven macabre imagesPrince Vega – hundreds of models will be tuning into Internet Hollywood Radio on the 13th of September to find out if their name will be mentioned along-side nine other females on our top model chart. One of Internet Hollywood’s most influential leaders Isabel Vinson will be defending her position on the top five as newer models arrive to battle it out with Internet Hollywood’s longest reigning top model.


Back in June 2014, Vinson ranked #2 on Internet Hollywood’s top model chart after grinding her way to eight news stories on our front page. She also gave birth to the trending era on Internet Hollywood after getting more responses from readers than any other model a month before toping the charts. The reaction was so huge it was nicknamed the “Isabel Vinson Effect” when PrinceVega.com was our leading site for news.


One of our previous reports revealed that a model is chosen by the amount of work she has done that was publicized in the last three months. It went on to explain how ur chart gives us a clear indication on who we feel will be the most successful at the time because of the strategic moves models make to expand their brand. Isabel has made front page news in Internet Hollywood over 30 times in a two year period. She remains one of the most powerful models in Internet Hollywood history.


To decipher the meaning behind her being “powerful” you must analyze all she has done leading up to such a privileged title. That can easily be found out by searching Isabel Vinson’s name in our search bar on the top right corner of our main page. Isabel Vinson’s stunning photography work was done by the amazing Raven Macabre Photography!


You could tune into Internet Hollywood Radio by clicking “play” on the gray radio icon embed on the right hand side of the home page on Sept. 13, Tuesday, 8:30 p.m. (est).


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