Will Jill Return To Modeling? Model Releases Gorgeous New Selfie Photos

jillPrince Vega – Jill’s absolutely gorgeous eyes is undoubtedly something to die for! The gorgeous model is taking in the past and carving in a new path that will soon solidify her reputation as one of the original trail blazers of Internet Hollywood’s model division. She recently capture the attention of our representatives after uploading a brand new selfie photo that she looks SO DAMN CUTE IN!

The model has been silent for quite sometime, but what defines what she is will soon be at her feet as she makes plans to take step back into the modeling world. For those who are unaware, Jill is not only a model, she has been one of the first few models that Prince Vega has reported on before the existence of Internet Hollywood.  If Internet Hollywood previously existed around the time Jill first joined she would have been one of the most powerful models in Internet Hollywood along-side Isabel Vinson and Cristal Catalina.

Although it may sound like a lost opportunity, I assure you that is far from the case. Jill is one of the few celebrities that currently has the upper hand because of her historic background with Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega and Internet Hollywood’s #1 leading model Isabel Vinson. Jill is very sexy, talented, funny, and open to socially engaging with others she feels comfortable around. As-long as she continues to thrive inside of her future shoots and stay committed to establishing her base by networking, I honestly don’t see the reason why she wouldn’t rank on our charts and score herself an award nomination in the future.


What we could expect from Jill is hidden in future weeks to come. You can look forward to seeing Jill’s adorable face in Internet Hollywood’s newest magazine that will be released on March 15th. She will also be included in Internet Hollywood Radio discussions on March 10th.


You can tune into Internet Hollywood Radio on March 10th at 9pm (est.) by clicking “play” on the gray radio icon embed on the right hand side of the home page!


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