Will Model Lonnie Alex Top Internet Hollywood’s ‘Top Models’ Chart In February?

lonnie and stevePrince Vega – Model Lonnie Alex status in Internet Hollywood will soon be challenged on Internet Hollywood Radio as our panel reviews some of her latest achievements since her debut back in October 2014. The model is a twin competitor with Tygeria, earning 11 front page stories that has quickly made her one of the fastest growing models in Internet Hollywood’s history. In fact, her impact in Internet Hollywood is so strong that our second floor private committee predicts she will be voted somewhere in the top 5 spot before or in the beginning of February.


Alex’s hard work has made her a favorite among our pairs very quickly and her debut on our charts will prove that. She was one of the first few models to be crowned a Internet Hollywood superstar after a rumored report claimed Prince Vega may have been interested in offering Lonnie Alex an independent movie deal in the future. She is a huge supporter of our brand and has invested a lot of time in helping the Internet Hollywood grow for two years. Her positive attitude will reflect what Internet Hollywood represents as our structure continues to fulfill itself in months to come.


Although she was rewarded half of a page in ProjectXPlatinum’s #Selfie magazine, we are certain she will be getting more than that when our latest issue is released at the end of February. The gorgeous Las Vegas go-go dancer will fill the shoes of some top leading models on February 2nd when her name is mentioned alongside of heavily established models like Tygeria who currently has over 1 million followers on Facebook.


Alex is well aware that her presence in Internet Hollywood is appreciated on levels many people wouldn’t understand. She has created a platform for herself that guarantees her Internet Hollywood award nominations in the future. We are excited to include her in the top model battle that will solidify the credibility of all our most deserving models. The absolutely gorgeous featured image of Lonnie Alex in this article was took by an amazing photographer by the name of Steve Vuoso.


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